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Welcome to the Neuromechanics Lab in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering at UNC and NC State.

The mission of our research group is to: 1) understand the fundamental problems of control and neuromechanics of the arm and hand after neuromuscular injuries, and 2) develop rehabilitative or assistive techniques to reduce the sensorimotor deficits of these individuals. We use interdisciplinary approaches in engineering, medicine, and neuroscience to address these problems. Our long-term goal is to improve the functional recovery and enhance the quality of life of disabled individuals, and maximize research translation to clinical practice.


Contact/Visit Us:MasterDiagram

UNC Campus (Google map):

10115 MEJ CB #7575
UNC Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
Phone: (919) 966-0510

NC State Campus (Google map):

4314 Engineering Building III
Raleigh, NC 27606
Phone: (919) 515-8674