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PhD position openings:

We invite applications for funded PhD positions working in the Neuromechanics Lab starting Fall 2022.  Highly motivated undergraduate and master students with an engineering, mathmatics, or physics background are encouraged to apply.  Students will work on research projects that involve signal processing, image processing, computational model simulation, and robotic/device control.

Applicants may apply to the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering through the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Graduate School or the North Carolina State University Graduate School. Admission information can be found Here

Postdoctoral Scholar position openings:

Postdoc research associate position 1 (Position Link):

We have an opening for a postdoctoral research associate position to conduct research in neural signal processing and control of exoskeleton hand. The candidate will have opportunity to interact with an interdisciplinary team including scientists, engineers, and clinicians. Prior experience in neural signal processing, working with assistive devices, and working with human participants is valuable. Applicants can send full CV and a brief cover letter to


Postdoc research associate position 2 (Position Link):

We have a position for a motivated Postdoctoral Fellow working on non-invasive neural (spinal cord and peripheral nerve) stimulation techniques, in order to restore arm and hand sensorimotor functions of individuals with neurological disorders. Prior experience in neural stimulation, neurophysiology, signal processing, and working with human participants is valuable.

The ideal candidate will have strong oral and written communication skills, excellent technical capabilities, and the ability to work as an effective member of an interdisciplinary team. Applicants can send full CV and a brief cover letter to

Undergraduate position openings:

We have numerous research projects offered for undergraduate students who would like to get research experience in signal processing, device design, and interaction with patients.